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Forgery in Florida is committed when a person makes, alters, forges or counterfeits a document with the intent to injure or defraud another.
Florida’s definition of the term “document” is broadly defined and encompasses many different types and forms.
In Florida, the crime of Forgery does not require that you intend to use the document yourself or to profit from its use. The crime of Forgery is committed even if you intended some other person would use it to injure or defraud.
Further, it is not necessary to prove exactly who you intended to be injured or defrauded. It is enough if there is evidence that you intended that some person would be injured or defrauded.

Penalties for a Forgery Charge

In Florida, Forgery is classified as a third degree misdemeanor punishable by up to:
  1. Five years in the state prison;
  2. Five years of supervised probation;
  3. A $500 fine

Defenses to a Forgery Charge

In addition to factual defenses that would be raised at trial to show reasonable doubt as to the crime alleged, some common defenses to a Forgery charge in Florida include:

You did not intend for anyone to be injured or defrauded
Florida law specifically requires that you must have intended that some person be injured or defrauded as a result of the creation of the forged document in order to have committed the crime of Forgery in Florida. If you did not have such intent, you may have a viable defense to the crime of Forgery in Florida.

You did not forge a "document" as defined under Florida law
While the types of documents that would constitute the crime of Forgery in Florida if altered, forged, made, or counterfeited is quite broad, the definition is not without limitation. If you did not alter, forge, make, or counterfeit an enumerated “document” as laid out in the statute, you may have a viable, albeit technical, defense to the crime of Forgery in Florida.

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