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The Florida Safety Council Nightmare after an Orlando DUI

  • April 17,2019
  • by kaiglelaw

The Florida Safety Council Nightmare after an Orlando DUI

The Florida Safety Council is a division that governs over licenses and license suspensions. If you have ever needed to take a driving test, license suspension or have received a DUI, you will deal a lot with the Florida Safety Council. They have three locations in Orlando one on East Colonial Drive, One in Casselberry and the other in Kissimmee. If you received a DUI most Judge will require you to go through DUI school, and the Florida Safety Council is where you will need to go to class. They will test you for alcohol with little alcohol strips on your tongue each time you go to see if any alcohol is in your system. Florida Safety Council will also refer you out to get additional treatment at an approved vendor. They give you a list of treatment centers in the area.

You will need to pick one and pay a $15 fee and meet with this provider. This provider reports to the Florida Safety Council and probably will give you unnecessary group treatments. These treatment centers have been around for years, and they have no evidence of anyone helping because most people who get a DUI get a second. The bottom line is don't drive drunk and never get a DUI. However, if you have a DUI and you have questions about your DUI and need help don't hesitate to contact our law firm. We have fought the Florida Safety Council we have fought against additional treatment in court and won. Even if you are on probation already from a DUI and think you need further legal help, please call us and let us take a look at your case and options. Kaigle Law is the Top Orlando DUI Lawyer, and we will fight vigorously against the State of Florida on your behalf. 

By kaiglelaw
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