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An Orlando DUI Case Dismissed by Attorney Chris Kaigle

  • June 16,2018
  • by kaiglelaw

An Orlando DUI Case Dismissed by Attorney Chris Kaigle

Orlando DUI Case Dismissed

Orlando DUI Case Dismissed by Attorney Chris Kaigle

Getting arrested for DUI or suspicion of DUI is the absolute worst. You probably do not know if you look at your license in very small print at the bottom it says you automatically consent to a DUI test for having a license. Feels like North Korea right? Well, obviously nothing is that bad and your DUI does not have to be either. You need an experienced DUI lawyer that will fight the State Attorney office. The Kaigle Law Firm is that firm, founder Chris Kaigle came from the state attorney office. He knows these cases from the other side. Like Todd Law says, everything he learned from that side he brings to yours, but in this case, it's the State attorney office, not insurance. Case and point Attorney Chris Kaigle had State of Florida v. T.A., 2013-CT-000600-AO dismissed. A DUI Charge dismissed. This is the best possible outcome because attorney Chris Kaigle fought the State for his client as he does all. Some other attorneys would plea bargain this out with you so they do not have to do any work. Just take your payment and put you on the DUI fast-track program. The one where you get the DUI School, Victim Awareness, might need to blow into a thing to get your car started, one-year probation and fines. Chris Kaigle has DUI dismissed. Before you hire an attorney make sure they have a track record with DUI cases. What experience? All results are public record. Look up Orlando DUI cases and such. Do your due diligence. When you are done you will see that while Morgan & Morgan is chasing ambulances alleging he is for the people, attorney Chris Kaigle is the real one on your side. 

By kaiglelaw
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